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Mt. Cur Dog

Tiger, a Mt. Cur I'm training for a friend in Kinston NC tiger is making a great squirrel dog. He owned two of these young dogs one can be purchased. Call for a price.

Mt. Cur dogs.

This is Tiger's brother, Mt.cur and also making a good squirrel dog. They are mate to my Drifter dog. The female was sold to a gentlemen in Snowhill NC for $2,000 recently.


This is Diamond a 3 year old blue female that can do it all with no help. She is 55 pounds and straight. Never bred but a big time pedigree behind her starting with Grand champion PR. Smoking blue Jake her sire. Call for a price. Brian is handling Diamond in photo.

Blackjack Blue DJ 

Blackjack Blue DJ, 10 months old for sale, $3,500.
Extra nice young male dog that gets better every night we take him. Good strike dog fast sure tree dog. Bred to be a winner. Should head some nice kennel.