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Bluetick Hounds

Blackjack Blue Tick Kennels proudly announces we have 2 litters of pups available for pick up immediately!

First litter is sired by Jocko's Ghost, our all blue stud dog that has been sire to some really nice large heavy headed pups with both color and huge voice to spare. His pups are going from the Carolinas to Rhode Island, several pair went to Delaware Saturday. Blue Sky is the female we bred Jocko with. Blue Sky is a hard treeing slobber mouth tree dog. We have both male and female available from Jocko's litter. The second litter is from Carbide he was bred to dark Sky. She is DJ's sister. DJ is by Solid Rock and a really nice Diamond Jim female. We have a pair of males from this cross.

Bluetick Hounds Bluetick Hounds Bluetick Hounds

Award-Winning Dogs

We have three stud hounds that we offer for breeding, and will also ship their semen to our buyers. Backed by seven generations of show dog champions, the pedigree of our dogs is unbeatable. We also raise puppies off of our stud dogs and sell them to customers across the country.


Expected Litters & Buying Puppies

Puppies are due in the spring. We currently have several pregnant females. One is due this week and others will follow. Please text the kennel for current prices.


About Us

Welcome to Blackjack Blue Tick Kennel.  Owned and operated by James Crosier, we specialize in breeding, raising, and training Championship quality coon dogs. We are located on 10 acres, just outside of Greenville, North Carolina.  Our property includes a first-class dog run and kennel, as well as plenty of area for training in the low grounds full of old timber and coon! We have been raising blue tick hounds since 1973, we have three stud hounds to breed. We have semen that we can ship out. We have seven generations of dogs that have been titled. We have female dogs, we raise puppies off the stud dogs to sell across the country. We go to coon hunt competitions to compete and we have been successful for titles such as champion, grand champions, and some of our dogs have had success in the arenas. These dogs are all UKC Registered and some are also AKC registered.

We are a definitely a family operated business. We are a three generation kennel and we have had the same line of dogs since 1973 and selectively breeding these dogs to breed newer blood lines as it was available.

We also are expecting pups from Carbide, The Legend and Blackjack blue Pearl, she is a daughter of Solid Rock and our ol Blue female sired by Grand Champion Smokin blue Jake. Carbide is also out of Smokin blue Jake; this cross was made 2 years ago and several have made fantastic competition dogs, both night hunts and bench shows!! Several are booked already. These will be born in 55 days. To reserve a pup text the kennel phone 252-702-0060. This is the list we use to pick pups from. First text gets first pick, etc...

Anyone interested in booking one of these puppies, please text me at 252-702-0060.

For more info please write or call for more information | (252) 702-0060